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aicas GmbH and MDI Solutions Announce MD Link Availability On aicas' JamaicaVM

Karlsruhe, Germany and Toronto, Canada — 17 Feb 2015

MDI Solutions and Aicas announce the availability of of MD Link on JamaicaVM runtime environment. MDI Solutions selected the JamaicaVM toolchain and runtime environment because of its wide avail­ability on the QNX Neutrino RTOS and various CPU architectures, and its robust and hard real­time perfor­mance. MD Link is a HL7 integration engine that connects independent health care applica­tions in hospitals and clinics, with inter­faces supported by HL7 Certified resources.

Mr Alan McLaren, VP Business Development of MDI Solutions said, "Jamaica VM and the AICAS team have a remarkable track record and have been thrill to work with in our pursuit of supporting medical safety require­ments". Mr. David Beberman, CSO of aicas, said, “We are impressed with the so­lution created by the combina­tion of MDI Solutions' MD Link for HL 7, our JamaicaVM technology, and QNX's Neutrino RTOS for improv­ing healthcare informatics. With this product partnership, more medical devices can now provide critical data to healthcare information systems improving the quality of healthcare services".


About aicas (
aicas produces Java analysis and development tools for realtime and embedded systems. Head­quartered in Karls­ruhe, Germany, the firm has been serving the marketplace since 2001. With aicas in­corporated in the USA and a network of resellers throughout the world, aicas helps de­velopers pro­duce high-quali­ty products while reducing time-to-market. The aicas group provides products and services for the mili­tary/aerospace, industrial automation, automotive, consumer point-of-sale and medi­cal device market sectors. JamaicaVM, the flagship product of aicas, is a hard re­altime runtime environment incorporat­ing leading edge deterministic garbage collection tech­nologies for running realtime Java programs us­ing the Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ) extensions and standard Java classes. JamaicaVM is avail­able for 32bit and 64bit CPU architectures and for singlecore and mul­ticore systems.


About MDI Solutions (
MDI Solutions offers a complete range of outsourced HL7 data integration and interfac­ing services to the health care industry. MDI derived its name from HL7 Medical Data In­tegration and MDI focuses on the electronic in­terchange of clinical, financial and admin­istrative information among independent health care-oriented computer systems thus providing a strategic foundation of interconnectivi­ty. MDI strives to assist healthcare systems strive to make better use of informa­tion technology. A strong integration infrastructure, based on qualified, profession­al resources that develop, manage and continu­ally support it, is an invaluable asset to all healthcare organiza­tions.



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