About us

aicas is a leading producer of Java-based development and analysis tools for realtime and embedded systems. The company was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany.

JamaicaVM is aicas' flagship product, a hard realtime Java Virtual Machine with fully preemptable, deterministic garbage collection.

JamaicaVM is optimized for critical systems such as realtime control, network communication and human-machine interfaces (HMI), widely used in industrial automation as well as in the automotive segment and in other strategic segments sectors.

Based on the JamaicaVM’ scalable, high-performance foundation, aicas developed JamaicaCAR, an application framework for automotive infotainment systems, which enables secure installation and safe execution of downloaded applications with controlled access to system resources. In 2011, JamaicaCAR was awarded the Embeddy Award by VDC Research at the Embedded Systems Conference Boston. JamaicaCAR is available in the Entunes and Touch & Go products from Toyota and the UConnect Access product from Chrysler.

Furthering aicas’ solutions is Jamaica-IoT. Jamaica-IoT also builds on JamaicaVM, extending it to deliver a platform targeted at industrial, power grid, automotive and home Internet-of-Things applications. Software written for Jamaica-IoT leverages a common platform, component and application framework for intelligent devices, CPUs and operating systems.

To assist customers in their quest for high code quality and short time to market, aicas also offers execution profiling tools, static analysis tools and customization services. The aicas team is dedicated to the success of its customers.


The Garbage Collector, responsible for dynamically recycling and managing memory, is a core differentiator in aicas’ solution.  Its quality of being “fully preemptable” enables higher priority threads to interrupt its activity in order to meet their deadlines, whereas being deterministic enables the developer to understand its impact on overall system timing.  Our garbage collector has the lowest interrupt overhead in the industry.

These features are key to ensuring predictable behavior, a central point to critical, realtime applications.  These systems must frequently react to inputs and requests within predefined time constraints, generally measured in microseconds.  In fact, the ability to meet such stringent deadlines is what characterizes aicas’ technology as hard realtime.

Even when hard realtime response is not critical, our garbage collector ensures a uninterrupted, fluid response in your system, which is important for quality human interfaces.