• Supports Java 6 SE, and Java 8 Compact 1 and Compact 2
  • Implements the Realtime Specification for Java (RTSJ)
  • Provides performance with Ahead-of-Time (static) Compilation
    • for an entire application and
    • on bytecode in a JAR for dynamic loading
  • Deterministic Garbage Collection
  • Highly optimized for speed with minimal footprint
  • Multicore support

JamaicaVM is a hard realtime Java VM with a fully preemptable, deterministic garbage collector. Depending on the hardware and operating system a submicrosecond jitter can be achieved. The JamaicaVM toolchain contains an application builder and profiler for optimizing your applications. The J2SE 6 language features are supported.

JamaicaVM is optimized for intelligent systems and critical applications, like M2M, HMI and industrial internet. JamaicaVM is widely used in the automotive, industrial automation, mil/aero, medical and financial markets.

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