IoT - Boon or Bust?

13 August 2019

The Internet of Things is starting to gain traction. Strong ROI from connected products and processes has made the IoT a critical part of the success of many companies. However, this is just the beginning.

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Can Traditional IT Processes be Realized in IoT Deployments?

13 June 2019

As we move past the hype stages of IoT implementation, many businesses are eager to start a digital transformation of operations to tap into the multitude of benefits—from increased availability and reliability to efficiency and safety.

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Building Bridges and creating Business Value with Edge Technologies

25 April 2019

With high networking costs and data ownership restrictions surrounding pure cloud-based models, edge computing is moving into focus, especially in manufacturing.

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JamaicaCAR: 15 Million Licenses sold

25 March 2019

aicas' growth has pushed us past an important milestone: our JamaicaCAR app framework has been licensed for use as the core connectivity component within more than 15 million automotive infotainment systems.

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Expansion and Connections

20 February 2019

aicas continues to be where the most important IoT conversations need an insightful voice.

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Happy New Year 2019

17 January 2019

We are excited to enter the new year full of innovations and success stories. 2019 starts off with significant global tradeshows: Please make a note to visit us at the IoT Meetup in San Francisco on January 22nd.

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