An Evolution in Embedded Software Management

20 February 2020

The Internet has defined, and redefined connectivity. The next revolution in digital communications and commerce is an Internet of Things (IoT).

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2020 IoT Predictions: Problems Old and New

18 December 2019

The pace and cross-industry adoption of IoT and Cloud connectivity solutions quickened in 2019, and along with advancements towards defined industry standards, we predict 2020 will be another year for continued growth.

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Separating Good and Bad Connected Vehicle Data

23 October 2019

Advancements in technology will always outpace development of their security functions. Fortunately, the approach for defending against vehicle system intrusions can be seen in the ways we already secure billions of Internet-connected devices.

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Data in the Driver's Seat

11 September 2019

The auto industry is on the cusp of figuring out the business models for connected and intelligent vehicles. There's a general consensus about which services and features are most important to make available today, and an understanding of what it will take to build on them to meet the demands of tomorrow.

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IoT - Boon or Bust?

13 August 2019

The Internet of Things is starting to gain traction. Strong ROI from connected products and processes has made the IoT a critical part of the success of many companies. However, this is just the beginning.

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Can Traditional IT Processes be Realized in IoT Deployments?

13 June 2019

As we move past the hype stages of IoT implementation, many businesses are eager to start a digital transformation of operations to tap into the multitude of benefits—from increased availability and reliability to efficiency and safety.

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