Successful Hands-on Workshop "Build your own IoT-System"

12 Dec 2018

Recent and future developments, highlighting the technological challenges of the „Industrial Internet of Things“, were the central theme of the IoT conference "From Sensor to Cloud", that took place in Munich. aicas used this opportunity to present its latest solution Jamaica-IoT at a hands-on workshop.

The participants were able to gain a practical insight into this modular, OSGi-based, application framework, especially aimed at the Industrial IoT segment. Under the guidance of Michael Reimann, Dr. Vladimir Nikolov, and Dr. Tianhai Liu, from aicas' Framework Team, the group developed demos for Jamaica-IoT, and learned how to install, run and hotswap them on the provided edge Raspberry Pi devices.

Due to the positive feedback from participants, aicas is planning a range of further workshops. For dates and more information please

You can watch a video of the workshop at the aicas Youtube channel. If you like it, please subscribe for future updates.