Medical Device Technology

Medical device technological sophistication continues to grow at a rapid pace. Increasingly medical devices are connecting to the Internet, accessible from mobile devices, remotely monitored and managed, and providing data for health information systems and analysis systems. These changes bring with them issues that are relatively new to the healthcare industry such as application software downloads and updates over the Internet, security of collected patient information, and device security against malicious hacking.


The solution for medical device software

Jamaica-IoT, an application platform layered on top of JamaicaVM, delivers the flexibility, security, standardization and portability to meet the requirements of the medical device manufacturer. Some of its features:

  • Hard realtime runtime environment suitable for health safety-critical software applications
  • Managed, secure, signature-verified application framework
  • Military-grade secure, open standards-based, XMPP internet messaging client, scalable to hundreds of thousands of devices


Security issues in the industry