M2M & IoT for Industrial Automation

M2M & IoT for Industrial Automation

Discrete manufacturing handles more stored data than most economic segments, including the government, healthcare and communications sectors. The potential advantages of fast and secure access to this data is very significant.


Discrete manufacturing deals with more stored data than all other industries including the government, healthcare and communications sectors. The advantages available to manufacturers through analysis of readily accessible data are significant. Capturing, processing and acting on this data requires a secure distributed system consisting of devices, gateways, servers and data analytics engines.

The trend towards Machine-to-Machine communication and Industrial Internet-of-Things is forcing the edge device, e.g., PLCs, sensors, actuators and gateways, to be rethought. The need for changes becomes evident when industrial devices – that can have a life expectancy of up to 15 years – are considered in comparison with the innovation rate of the Internet. The industry faces growing requirements to accelerate new device software development, increase software robustness and reliability, reduce defects and automate deployment of applications and updates.

aicas’ Solutions

Built on the robust JamaicaVM foundation, our products offer an effective response to the increasing requirements of the M2M and IIoT markets.

  • Managed, secure, signature-verified application download and updates
  • Increased software robustness by API-granular access control permission lists
  • Open-standards based, secure messaging infrastructure and communication protocols
  • Portable, CPU and operating system independent platform
  • Reduced software development lifecycle and increasing potential for code reusability through support of international committees- and industry standards, as well as partners’ and customers’ specific class APIs