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New Leadership for Realtime Java Technology
23 Nov 2012

aicas GmbH and aicas incorporated announced that aicas assumed leadership of the RTSJ (Realtime Specification for Java). aicas CEO Dr. James J. Hunt is now specification lead of JSR 282 and maintenance lead for JSR 1.

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Design West—aicas teams up with McObject and Twin Oaks Computing
22 Apr 2013

aicas and McObject announced a new partnership to provide McObject's eXtremeDB on aicas's JamaicaVM platform.

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JTRES 2013 Call for Papers
2 Apr 2013

The Call for Papers for the JTRES 2013 has started. Participants are expected to submit a paper of at most 10 pages (ACM Conference Format, i.e., two-columns, 10 point font).

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