Investment Protection for Embedded Asset Management. Future-safe. Agile. Efficient.

JamaicaEDP simplifies the management of software running on embedded systems in connected device environments over the entire software life-cycle. Deploy the right software and device configuration with the most efficient tools to distribute, manage, and check the applicability of software components, examine runtime behavior, and protect components against corruption without downtime. Ensure that only code that has been fully validated may run on each device.


What worked for a long time in IT – now finally applied to embedded device management in a hyper-connect world. Minimize Failure and Maximize Utility

JamaicaEDP's modularity enables full integration of embedded assets and resources, independent of the hardware or operating systems. Based on Jamaica technologies, JamaicaEDP provides DevOps-level tools for simplified, immediate control, configuration, and management of embedded environments. The same code can run as a digital twin and in the device, thereby simplifying testing and validation.

As embedded environments become more complex, JamaicaEDP enables IT-level services for release and deployment management, coupled with OT-level tools for analytics, reporting, compliance, and more. With the power of the OSGi and Java standards, thousands of disparate edge devices can be united with unified software deployment, reconfiguration, or device repair and replacement. Software can be deployed anywhere from the edge, through the gateway to the cloud to fit system requirements and capabilities.


The Full Picture of Your Data's Value – Unlocking the true business value. Flexibility guaranteed.

An online dashboard enables devices to be identified and managed individually or as groups for system management with on-the-fly configuration or validation and tools for automated configuring.

The flexible architecture enables businesses large and small to develop and deploy an integrated hardware and software environment that delivers the connectivity, data, and results that are required to achieve the desired business outcomes. JamaicaEDP enables management of software for deployment on a device, as well as the software running on a device, with asset management for groups or individual devices. JamaicaEDP brings a DevOps approach based on management for a uniform, standard programming environment to the edge.


More speed through rapid prototyping and quick rollouts

Once your prototypes are ready to be rolled out in small tests into the desired environments, JamaicaEDP will support your tests via full access to these test systems including variant management. As soon as your tests are completed, the final version can be deployed to all or any of your embedded systems. Rollouts to a single device are as simple as rollouts to millions of embedded systems.


Get more out of your connected device environments

  • Full embedded software lifecycle
  • Simplify deployments and reduce costs of deployments
  • Introduce service management to embedded devices
  • Increase efficiency of device management
  • Live feedback during execution
  • Provision and change of market specific services and APIs
  • Delayed updating and variant management
  • Quick portability to new targets
  • Enhanced device security via signed JARs, fine-grained permission management