Solutions for the digital factory and manufacturing

aicas Industrial-IoT applications deploy instantly and securely to Edge devices in realtime.

Digital Manufacturing is transforming how companies generate value. Value creation is increasingly software-driven and Industrial-IoT is accelerating to the edge - in realtime.  aicas' Industrial IoT solutions enable deployment and operation of data analytics and control logic at the network's edge. Users gain realtime data to drive out efficiencies from their operational processes, optimize asset utilization, meet customer demand more flexibly, all while keeping their devices secured in an interconnected industrial ecosystem.

Today most of the available data is untapped because it costs too much to carry it to the cloud, or the data is not allowed to be moved for privacy issues. Could the coverage of data usage be extended, the gains would be significant.

aicas' IIoT solutions enable deployment and operation of data analytics and control logic at the network edge. Firms take advantage of the data for business improvements at low cost.


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Solutions for the digital factory and manufacturing

  • Be more competitive

    Be more competitive by mining intelligence from sensor data directly at the edge and improving your process efficiency. aicas' Industrial IoT solutions allow your analytics code to be deployed on the electronic devices on the shopfloor, close to sensors, actuators and industrial processes. This enables realtime reactions to events and avoids production downtime or delayed corrective actions, while saving on connectivity costs, by lowering the amount of data to be transferred to the cloud.

  • Become Better and Faster

    Fast reaction to change is critical when it is necessary to customize or adapt production processes due to new requirements or corrections. aicas IIoT Frameworks allow customers to download a new code and run a new logic at the edge, on the shopfloor, close to the processes. This is done “Over-the-Air”, with no need to stop the production flow or to move a maintenance team down to the factory.

  • Increase your Revenue

    New services that can lead to more revenues are now at reach. By accessing the data locally at the edge, your analytics will gain in precision and responsiveness, leading to a better overall performance. aicas' IIoT Frameworks enable bringing the best analytics closer to the operational processes, collecting the early signals that cost no bandwidth and raise the value of your services.

  • Safe, Secure and Realtime

    Running critical software on edge devices requires an application framework that is protected from malicious attacks, especially when it runs code coming from third-parties. A good solution is one able to detect and block malicious code, without allowing the system to collapse. aicas IIoT Frameworks run signed applications only; it maintains all critical operations even when under attack, by isolating all apps from each other.

  • Reduce your Cost

    Competitive advantage resides in one's ability to keep the incremental costs at the edge low. aicas' solution for Industrial IoT is light and can be ported on existing hardware. Customers do not need to bring additional hardware to deploy new software, saving therefore material, installation and operating costs.


Use Cases

CLAAS is one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery and technology. JamaicaVM is part of the CEMOS system (CLAAS Electronic Machine Optimisation System) that help drivers to adjust their combine harvester settings and optimize machine efficiency.

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