Frequently Asked Questions - Miscellaneous

Please generate and forward the following:

  • A full stack trace of the error, if any, generated.

  • The full log file of the jamaicabuilder output from a clean build, with -verbose=3.

  • If you have a JamaicaTrace license, please run JamaicaTrace and save the log of a typical run,

  • Generate a profile using the -profile with Jamaica Builder or the prebuilt jamaicavmp binary of a typical run. Use the -Djamaica.profile_groups=all to collect all available profiling information for your platform. Forward the log file.

  • Generate a memory analysis log using the -analyze with Jamaica Builder of a typical run. Forward the log file.

  • If possible, forward any related source code. Note: aicas is willing to sign NDA's to protect customer IP for support purposes.

  • If possible, forward an example of the problem with as minimal code as possible.

  • Provide as much explanation as possible about how the problem is generated or occurs.

  • Forward your support request to Please reference your company and any other relevant contact information.