Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo 2019, Stuttgart, DE

21 May 2019 to 23 May 2019

The Autonomous Vehicle Software & AI Symposium is the world’s first conference dedicated to specifically addressing the challenges and opportunities of developing AI and software platforms for autonomous and self-driving vehicles.

The conference – held alongside Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo, The Autonomous Vehicle Test & Development Symposium and The Autonomous Vehicle Interior Design & Technology Symposium in Stuttgart – will discuss, highlight and debate the challenges involved with programming autonomous vehicle software, and look at how one can dramatically reduce development timescales while boosting security and effectively tackling AI challenges and the decision-making processes.

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We would like to invite you to our presentation on day 3.

Challenges with Linux-based mixed-criticality systems for autonomous driving

Dr. Vladimir Nikolov

Linux promises to be a feasible and open operating system solution for autonomous driving platforms. With a broad palette of libraries and tools, typical machine learning and computer vision algorithms are easily developed and tuned for performance and throughput. However, functional safety requires isolated and time-critical execution of certain applications and tasks. Is Linux still a feasible choice? This talk recaps the basic resource management and scheduling mechanisms on OS and middleware (e.g. Adaptive AUTOSAR) level. Given artificial examples, it emphasizes application and system design challenges, from a theoretical perspective, and has an impact on systems dynamics and overall utilization.