Internet of Things World, USA

13 May 2019 to 16 May 2019

Event Recap

We used our opportunity to participate in the IoT World Conference in Santa Clara, CA, to meet with dozens of companies that are exploring how realtime and edge technologies trends and issues will impact the auto and manufacturing industries.

aicas CEO Dr. James Hunt led multiple discussions, including an IIC Intelligent Transport Systems Workshop on the auto industry's shift from hardware manufacturer to software-driven developers of edge devices and the challenges that lie ahead in meeting safety and reliability standards for autonomous mobility. Additionally, James addressed emerging IIoT challenges as edge devices evolve into the collection points capable of processing massive amounts of realtime data in IIoT, especially for predictive maintenance.

North American Sales Director Paul Sexauer and Lead Application Framework Engineer Michael Reimann further demonstrated for attendees the practical applications of aicas' software for analysis, runtime and real-time embedded systems.

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