Solutions for Critical Realtime Embedded Systems

aicas has been the leader in Java Embedded Software Solutions for multiple market segments and use cases for decades. The proven aicas embedded tools bring simpler and safer coding to complex applications. Porting and running critical and realtime embedded Java SE applications on any hardware are a hallmark of aicas solutions.

Embedded software developers are more and more required to adopt Cloud software practices, with simple but secure coding for complex applications. Writing and running code on embedded systems requires programmers to access low hardware resources and to be compatible with particular Real-Time Operating Software (RTOS) - which is key especially in critical applications when realtime and security are required.

aicas delivers embedded JVMs. They are designed with realtime capabilities and scarce resources in mind. Coding in Java for embedded has never been easier, especially with access to the huge Java libraries and knowledge base available within the global Java Developer Community.


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Solutions for Critical Realtime Embedded Systems

  • Run your Java Code on Embedded with no Changes

    No need to re-engineer embedded applications when porting them onto a new hardware platform: that really saves on development time. aicas' embedded technology permits running standard Java SE code and the use of OpenJDK libraries. Developers can draft their code in Java and move it straight to embedded, relying on the Java ecosystem and available tools.

  • Be in Control of your Code Optimization

    The performance of the application code is highly dependent on the programmer's ability to master the parameters of the embedded system. aicas' embedded solutions are delivered with a complete tool set, allowing fine tuning and customization of the application to the hardware platform. Besides delivering unique trace tools to monitor the heart of your code, we support the Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ), for better control of realtime performance, hardware access, and determinism. Besides code optimization and performance control, programmers can also protect code against reverse engineering with Ahead-Of-Time compilation, make it more robust against malicious attacks and generate a ROMable code up to the finest requirements.

  • Move your Code on (m)Any Hardware

    Embedded systems exist in many hardware formats and platforms and developers must see that their Java code runs on (m)any platforms, whatever the OS and CPU in use. aicas' embedded technology supports the largest set of (RT)OS and CPU available in embedded. Our experience spans over 15 years delivering Java-based frameworks that run the code independently from the hardware.

  • Safe, Secure and Realtime

    Realtime is required in applications dealing with processes with reaction times of less than a second, such as in manufacturing or when people's safety is at risk. aicas' embedded technology is fully preemptable with µs reaction time. Our unique Garbage Collector implementation is deterministic and compatible with Worst Case Execution Time (WCET) hard realtime specifications. Low jitters and fast response time can be achieved that open comply to the most stringent safety certifications in the Industrial, Automotive or Aviation domains.

  • Reduce your Costs

    Keeping the Bill-Of-Material (BOM) low is a key requirement for embedded devices. aicas' embedded solutions can run on light single-core CPUs at frequencies of few 100MHz and with RAM memories down to few Mbytes. This can translate into large BOM savings or in keeping an existing hardware instead of replacing it with a new expensive hardware device.


Use Cases

CLAAS is one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery and technology. JamaicaVM is part of the CEMOS system (CLAAS Electronic Machine Optimisation System) that help drivers to adjust their combine harvester settings and optimize machine efficiency.

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