Solutions for your Industries

Solutions for your Industries


All Things Digital and Connected

Almost all industries are currently being transformed and will use digital processes to become agile and more flexible in a connected mobile world. Due to the increased amount of available data traditional business models are rapidly changing. New cloud software solutions enabling realtime processing are becoming a major differentiator in how value is created and cost savings are achieved.


The Factory Floor of the Future

Digital manufacturing and automated factories mandate that all “things” in manufacturing become interconnected beyond the factory floors. Digital twins, data BI and analytics solutions provide new forms of visualization and interaction throughout product development cycles and monitoring of operational processes.


Moving Things Smarter Offering New Experiences

In the transportation sectors new on- and off-highway autonomous vehicles are driving into connected Smart Cities and into agriculture tech ("AG-Tech") fields or innovative mining use cases, offering new opportunities and challenges. While companies are seeking to provide consumers with more choices to improve their driving experience, private and public businesses seek to improve services and their bottom line by introducing autonomous capabilities into their fleets. aicas has worked in these areas for many years.


Connected and Autonomous Vehicles open the door to innovative transportation services with new revenue streams and better User Experiences (UX). The vehicle of the future is a computer on wheels running an ever-growing number of third-party applications. aicas’ automotive frameworks allow our customers to securely develop, deploy and manage a new generation of apps and services for connected transportation with safety built in.


aicas has been the leader in Java Embedded Software Solutions for multiple market segments and use cases for decades. The proven aicas embedded tools bring simpler and safer coding to complex applications. With the rise in cloud storage developers for embedded systems are keen to adopt on- and off prem solutions.


Digital Manufacturing is transforming how companies generate value. Value creation is increasingly software-driven and Industrial-IoT is accelerating to the edge - in realtime.  aicas' Industrial IoT solutions enable deployment and operation of data analytics and control logic at the network's edge. Users gain realtime data to drive out efficiencies from their operational processes, meet customer demand more flexibly, all while keeping their devices secured in an interconnected industrial ecosystem.