Solutions for your Industries

Solutions for your Industries

Automotive Sector

The automobile dashboard has evolved from a simple, radio and climate control system to a full-fledged, programmable touchscreen computer. The industry terms these as "head-units" or "infotainment systems" and has already identified a few killer apps such as navigation, Internet radio and Bluetooth pairing with smartphones. With JamaicaCAR, aicas offers a portable and secure application framework to develop these apps.

M2M & IoT for Industrial Automation

Discrete manufacturing possesses more stored data than all other industries including the government, healthcare and communications sectors. The advantages available to manufacturers through analysis of readily accessible data are significant. Capture of this data, processing of it, and acting on it requires a secure distributed system consisting of devices, gateways, servers, and "big data" and data analytics engines.

Other Selected Segments

Solution providers in almost every sector involving critical services and applications are facing new demands and rapid technological transformation. aicas’ products provide the best way to combine scalability and portability across multiple platforms, while assuring tight security and efficient management of the dataflow between legacy systems, new generation edge computing and remote IT infrastructures.