Solutions for connected transport and automotive industries

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles open the door to innovative transportation services with new revenue streams and better User Experiences (UX). The vehicle of the future is a computer on wheels running an ever-growing number of third-party applications.

How can vehicles remain safe and reliable with 100's of apps running concurrently on dozens of different Electronic Control Units (ECU)? How can car manufacturers and fleet managers offer passengers and truck operators reliable and innovative services?

aicas delivers multifunctional software frameworks for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. Allowing customers to securely develop, deploy and manage a new generation of transport Apps and connected services.


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Solutions for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

  • Flexible and Secure Application Framework

    The Connected and Autonomous Vehicle must be able to run many applications concurrently on different units. Some are safety critical, many come from third-parties. Passenger safety and the vehicle reliability remain key security issues.

    aicas' Automotive Solutions provide toolboxes for many applications, providing targeted and detailed control of hardware processes. The systems remain stable and robust, even in case of malfunction or malicious attacks.

  • Be in Control of your Code

    To enable quality app design, aicas delivers its framework with a complete SDK, that allows the App developer to design, code and test code in a host system, to simulate the target environment, down to the details of rendering and performance. App developers get tools to sign theirs apps and authorize these apps to run on specified devices.

  • Move your Code on (m)Any Hardware

    Automotive platforms come in a large variety of hardware formats. Many Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) and CPUs are in use, but developers need not to worry: their apps will run unchanged on the main platforms used in the transportation sector.

    Our experience spans over 15 years, delivering Java Frameworks that run your code independently from hardware.

  • Increase your Revenue

    New services for users of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles are now within reach, which can lead to increased revenue and security. Service providers can generate new features and those can be upgraded remotely, “Over-the-Air” (OTA).

    Those new services and apps are implemented with security in mind, by restricting the access to signed and certified applications only. This allows car manufacturers to open their platforms to third-party services, while maintaining control of its usage. It reduces the risk of attack and lowers the risk of corruption of the car.

  • Reduce your Cost

    Competitive advantage resides in your ability to keep incremental costs of electronic control units low. aicas Automotive Frameworks are lightweight and can be ported onto existing electronic control units, integrating easily to legacy environments. No need for large upgrades in hardware to launch new services and applications, so you can save on electronic hardware costs.


Use Cases

A leader in mobile robotics solutions, Perrone Robotics is an important partner to aicas. Both companies engage in developing new approaches to guaranteeing safety in vehicle autonomy and view realtime-managed runtimes and high-level languages as a relevant path to address the complexity of such applications.

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