The automobile dashboard has evolved from a simple radio and climate control system to a full-fledged programmable touchscreen computer. The industry terms these "head-units" or "infotainment systems". Yes, "there's an app for that".

The industry has already identified a few killer apps such as navigation, internet radio, and bluetooth pairing with smartphones. Yet, auto manufacturers, used to annual model year cycles, struggle with managing the chaotic and fast paced software innovation cycles. App development companies increasingly demand standardized software platforms within an automobile model, year over year, and across model lines of the auto manufacturer. At the same time the auto manufacturer faces increasing pressure to increase head-unit platform stability, and minimize cost.



JamaicaCAR, the solution for the automotive head-unit

JamaicaCAR, an application platform layered on top of JamaicaVM, shipping on multiple auto manufacturer model lines, delivers the flexibility, security, standardization and portability to meet the requirements of the application vendors and the auto manufacturers. Some of its features:

  • Portable, CPU and Operating System independent, application framework enables write-once run-anywhere app development
  • Signature security to prevent rogue apps
  • API-granular access control to prevent accidental or malicious use of critical APIs
  • Managed application lifecyle: download/install/start/pause/stop/deinstall to support appstore online app distribution
  • Per-application resource usage limit enforcement to prevent accidental or malicious denial of service attacks
  • Open standard APIs for user interface development
  • Emulator SDK and Eclipse plugin for app developer quick start