Jamaica Trace is a data visualization tool for Java App data monitoring.



  • Visualize Java Threads
  • State changes and dependencies
  • Monitor enter and exit events
  • Garbage Collector activity
  • And more...


JamaicaTrace captures and visualizes the realtime behavior of applications to help developers fine tune their multi-threaded Java applications running on the JamaicaVM runtime.

Once the JamaicaVM runtime is configured for trace capture, JamaicaTrace may be invoked at anytime to connect, collect and display the trace data.

Optionally, the JamaicaVM runtime may be configured to pause at application startup until JamaicaTrace is invoked and connects to the application. Trace data may be examined immediately upon capture or stored in files for future analysis.

Additional features include selectable trace parameters, and programmatic insertion of user defined tags.