JamaicaIoT is a secure, downloadable, connected, lightweight application framework for the Industrial IoT. When industrial processes become agile the operator can manage signature verified secure downloads, installations and execution of components and Apps by remotely monitoring and controlling runtime API accesses as well as CPU and memory resource limits. All without interrupting operating processes.


  • Be More Competitive

    Mine intelligence from sensor data directly at the edge and improve your process efficiency

  • Become Better and Faster

    Bring agility to your industrial operations

  • Increase Revenue

    Manage your apps and services throughout edge devices remotely

  • Safe, Secure and Realtime

    Control your field processes in realtime and run 3rd party software while keeping your system safe, secure and robust

  • Reduce Cost

    Keep your edge hardware compact and deploy software on any hardware and any operating system


  • Integration with major cloud platforms and services
  • Remote Life Cycle Management of functional modules based on OSGi-R6 Framework
  • Remote device management, configuration and monitoring
  • Fine-grained resource enforcement with per-bundle limits
  • Comprehensive support of fieldbuses and IoT connectivity
  • Secure end-to-end communication
  • Supports up-to-date security concepts: chain of trust, secure boot, TPM, encryption algorithms
  • Complete toolchain for signed-OSGi bundles
  • Robust operations with sand-box isolation
  • Deterministic realtime Java bytecode programming language for a complete hardware abstraction
  • Hard Realtime down to 10μs with preemptive scheduling
  • Safety certifiable
  • Acceleration by FPGA-enabled hardware
  • Extended Operating System support included RTOS: QNX, WindRiver, Linux, Windows, etc
  • Full featured SDK with runtime emulation
  • Full hardware abstraction
  • Small memory footprints by use of compaction techniques
  • Dynamic loading of ahead-of-time machine compiled Bundles


JamaicaIoT Data Sheet