Secure, reliable realtime solutions

aicas delivers solutions with a primary focus on automotive and industrial sectors. Its core competence is in embedded systems such as those used in automotive infotainment, secure machine-to-machine data communication and IoT device management. Our products are built on a reliable, Java-based virtual machine, and are designed as modular development frameworks. They run on various platforms and target devices and support open standards and the main connectivity protocols. We integrate them to our customers’ environments so that they contribute to their success.


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Our approach to a changing market

aicas has been supplying the embedded and realtime systems industry with products and integration services for more than a decade.  Ubiquitous communication, increasing processor power on edge devices and better sensors are rapidly changing this market.

Customers are increasingly digitizing their value chains, internally and across the globe. At aicas, we understand the importance of efficient and secure dataflow across devices and the cloud.

Our Jamaica Virtual Machine and modular frameworks offer a reliable, scalable platform to securely run and update applications, especially those where realtime response is imperative. Our solutions combine security with modularity, portability and light footprint.  We focus on providing information, not just data, to address the evolving challenges in IIoT, embedded systems and automative IT.

Dr James J. Hunt