Empowering Things in Realtime

Now that digitalization and mobile connectivity is everywhere corporations are transforming many aspects of business operations, especially in the areas of industrial manufacturing, energy sectors, smart building management or connected transportation. Business and technology leaders are rethinking how to take advantage of the new tools and how to capitalize on the benefits of Industrial IoT Solutions, Smart power grids, autonomous transport and realtime data opportunities. Swift action is required for mobile business process transformation especially to ensure security. Our global teams look forward to being your trusted partner in moving your business ahead of the curve.


Customer Stories

A Intro 1

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Take a look at how our customers' applications and embedded software solutions, based on Java, ensure efficient and secure device management, with digital connectivity across processes via machine and human interaction.



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CLAAS is one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery and technology. JamaicaVM is part of the CEMOS system (CLAAS Electronic Machine Optimisation System) that help drivers to adjust their combine harvester settings and optimize machine efficiency.



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Our IoT solutions provide effective management of data throughput for decision-oriented analysis which increasingly benefits from Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


Perrone Robotics

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A leader in mobile robotics solutions, Perrone Robotics is an important partner to aicas. Both companies engage in developing new approaches to guaranteeing safety in vehicle autonomy and view realtime-managed runtimes and high-level languages as a relevant path to address the complexity of such applications.


Q Intro 3

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Our innovative IP will augment operations of your realtime processes and application management in a wide range of industries.




SpĆ¼hl GmbH

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Mattress and innerspring producers in more than 150 countries trust in Spühl machines, requiring realtime control of spring forming and further processing. JamaicaVM allowed Spühl to simplify their development processes, while keeping their machine robust and achieving unparalleled quality standards.


Uster Technologies

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Uster Technologies is a leading manufacturer of instruments for quality measurement and certification for the textile industry.
With JamaicaVM, Uster implemented a Java based, intuitive, smart touch user interface for its yarn quality control system, which run on real time operating systems on microprocessors with small resources.



JamaicaVM – the industry leading Java Virtual Machine for embedded and time critical applications

If your application is embedded, mission critical or requires hard realtime capabilities with a deterministic garbage collector, JamaicaVM is the Java Virtual Machine of your choice.

Need a quick start on your development or want to test JamaicaVM? Go ahead and download our free evaluation license.

Our approach to a changing market

We recognized early that industries will become digitized and connected at all levels across their value chains, internally and across the globe.

At aicas, we understand the importance of efficient and secure dataflows across devices to make this happen. We know a thing about Industrial IoT, AI and Machine Learning driving new business outcomes in manufacturing and assisting companies to shape new user experiences in a connected automotive world.

Our solutions combine security with modularity, portability and a light footprint. Let us help you in your digital journey.

Dr James J. Hunt