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Uses of XPathException in org.w3c.dom.xpath

Methods in org.w3c.dom.xpath that throw XPathException
 XPathExpression XPathEvaluator.createExpression(String expression, XPathNSResolver resolver)
          Creates a parsed XPath expression with resolved namespaces.
 Object XPathExpression.evaluate(Node contextNode, short type, Object result)
          Evaluates this XPath expression and returns a result.
 Object XPathEvaluator.evaluate(String expression, Node contextNode, XPathNSResolver resolver, short type, Object result)
          Evaluates an XPath expression string and returns a result of the specified type if possible.
 boolean XPathResult.getBooleanValue()
          The value of this boolean result.
 double XPathResult.getNumberValue()
          The value of this number result.
 Node XPathResult.getSingleNodeValue()
          The value of this single node result, which may be null.
 int XPathResult.getSnapshotLength()
          The number of nodes in the result snapshot.
 String XPathResult.getStringValue()
          The value of this string result.
 Node XPathResult.iterateNext()
          Iterates and returns the next node from the node set or nullif there are no more nodes.
 Node XPathResult.snapshotItem(int index)
          Returns the indexth item in the snapshot collection.

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