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Packages that use ThreadPolicyValue
org.omg.PortableServer Provides classes and interfaces for making the server side of your applications portable across multivendor ORBs. 

Uses of ThreadPolicyValue in org.omg.PortableServer

Fields in org.omg.PortableServer declared as ThreadPolicyValue
static ThreadPolicyValue ThreadPolicyValue.ORB_CTRL_MODEL
static ThreadPolicyValue ThreadPolicyValue.SINGLE_THREAD_MODEL

Methods in org.omg.PortableServer that return ThreadPolicyValue
static ThreadPolicyValue ThreadPolicyValue.from_int(int value)
 ThreadPolicyValue ThreadPolicyOperations.value()
          specifies the policy value

Methods in org.omg.PortableServer with parameters of type ThreadPolicyValue
 ThreadPolicy POAOperations.create_thread_policy(ThreadPolicyValue value)
          These operations each return a reference to a policy object with the specified value.

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