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Interface LifespanPolicy

All Superinterfaces:
IDLEntity, LifespanPolicyOperations, Object, Policy, PolicyOperations, Serializable

public interface LifespanPolicy
extends LifespanPolicyOperations, Policy, IDLEntity

The LifespanPolicy specifies the lifespan of the objects implemented in the created POA. The default is TRANSIENT.

Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface org.omg.PortableServer.LifespanPolicyOperations
Methods inherited from interface org.omg.CORBA.PolicyOperations
copy, destroy, policy_type
Methods inherited from interface org.omg.CORBA.Object
_create_request, _create_request, _duplicate, _get_domain_managers, _get_interface_def, _get_policy, _hash, _is_a, _is_equivalent, _non_existent, _release, _request, _set_policy_override

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