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Interface PrintJobAttribute

All Superinterfaces:
Attribute, Serializable
All Known Implementing Classes:
Chromaticity, Copies, DateTimeAtCompleted, DateTimeAtCreation, DateTimeAtProcessing, Destination, Fidelity, Finishings, JobHoldUntil, JobImpressions, JobImpressionsCompleted, JobKOctets, JobKOctetsProcessed, JobMediaSheets, JobMediaSheetsCompleted, JobMessageFromOperator, JobName, JobOriginatingUserName, JobPriority, JobSheets, JobState, JobStateReasons, Media, MediaName, MediaPrintableArea, MediaSizeName, MediaTray, MultipleDocumentHandling, NumberOfDocuments, NumberOfInterveningJobs, NumberUp, OrientationRequested, OutputDeviceAssigned, PageRanges, PresentationDirection, PrinterResolution, PrintQuality, SheetCollate, Sides

public interface PrintJobAttribute
extends Attribute

PrintJobAttribute is a tagging interface which a printing attribute class implements to indicate the attribute describes the status of a Print Job or some other characteristic of a Print Job. A Print Service instance adds a number of PrintJobAttributes to a Print Job's attribute set to report the Print Job's status. If an attribute implements PrintRequestAttribute as well as PrintJobAttribute, the client may include the attribute in a attribute set to specify the attribute's value for the Print Job.

See Also:
PrintRequestAttributeSet, PrintJobAttributeSet

Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface javax.print.attribute.Attribute
getCategory, getName

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