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Interface AlgorithmParameterSpec

All Known Subinterfaces:
C14NMethodParameterSpec, DigestMethodParameterSpec, SignatureMethodParameterSpec, TransformParameterSpec
All Known Implementing Classes:
DHGenParameterSpec, DHParameterSpec, DSAParameterSpec, ECGenParameterSpec, ECParameterSpec, ExcC14NParameterSpec, HMACParameterSpec, IvParameterSpec, MGF1ParameterSpec, OAEPParameterSpec, PBEParameterSpec, PSSParameterSpec, RC2ParameterSpec, RC5ParameterSpec, RSAKeyGenParameterSpec, XPathFilter2ParameterSpec, XPathFilterParameterSpec, XSLTTransformParameterSpec

public interface AlgorithmParameterSpec

A (transparent) specification of cryptographic parameters.

This interface contains no methods or constants. Its only purpose is to group (and provide type safety for) all parameter specifications. All parameter specifications must implement this interface.

See Also:
AlgorithmParameters, DSAParameterSpec

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