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Packages that use DragSourceContextPeer
java.awt Contains all of the classes for creating user interfaces and for painting graphics and images. 
java.awt.dnd Drag and Drop is a direct manipulation gesture found in many Graphical User Interface systems that provides a mechanism to transfer information between two entities logically associated with presentation elements in the GUI. 

Uses of DragSourceContextPeer in java.awt

Methods in java.awt that return DragSourceContextPeer
abstract  DragSourceContextPeer Toolkit.createDragSourceContextPeer(DragGestureEvent dge)
          Creates the peer for a DragSourceContext.

Uses of DragSourceContextPeer in java.awt.dnd

Methods in java.awt.dnd with parameters of type DragSourceContextPeer
protected  DragSourceContext DragSource.createDragSourceContext(DragSourceContextPeer dscp, DragGestureEvent dgl, Cursor dragCursor, Image dragImage, Point imageOffset, Transferable t, DragSourceListener dsl)
          Creates the DragSourceContext to handle the current drag operation.

Constructors in java.awt.dnd with parameters of type DragSourceContextPeer
DragSourceContext(DragSourceContextPeer dscp, DragGestureEvent trigger, Cursor dragCursor, Image dragImage, Point offset, Transferable t, DragSourceListener dsl)
          Called from DragSource, this constructor creates a new DragSourceContext given the DragSourceContextPeer for this Drag, the DragGestureEvent that triggered the Drag, the initial Cursor to use for the Drag, an (optional) Image to display while the Drag is taking place, the offset of the Image origin from the hotspot at the instant of the triggering event, the Transferable subject data, and the DragSourceListener to use during the Drag and Drop operation.

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