Chapter 12. Guidelines for Realtime Programming in Java

Table of Contents
Computational Transparency
Supported Standards
Memory Management
Scheduling and Synchronization
Programming Guideline Summary


Since the timeliness of realtime systems is just as important as their functional correctness, realtime Java programmers must take more care using Java than other Java users. In fact, realtime Java implementations in general and the JamaicaVM in particular offer a host of features not present in standard Java implementation.

The JamaicaVM offers a myriad of sometimes overlapping features for realtime Java development. The realtime Java developer needs to understand these features and when to apply them. Particularly, with realtime specific features pertaining to memory management and task interaction, the programmer needs to understand the tradeoffs involved. This chapter does not offer cut and dried solutions to specific application problems, but instead offers guidelines for helping the developer make the correct choice.