Appendix B. Exit codes

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Jamaica VM
Jamaica Builder, jamaicah, numblocks

This appendix lists Jamaica exit codes. Standard exit codes are exit codes of the application program. Error exit codes indicate an error such as insufficient memory. If you get an exit code to an internal error please contact aicas GmbH support with a full description of the runtime condition or, if available, an example program for which the error occurred.

Jamaica VM

Table B-1. Standard exit codes

0no error
1exception or error in Java program
2..63application specific exit code from System.exit()

Table B-2. Exit codes of errors

64JamaicaVM failure
65VM not initialized
66insufficient memory
67stack overflow
68initialization error
69setup failure
70clean-up failure
71invalid command line arguments
72exec() failure

Table B-3. Exit codes of internal errors

100serious error: HALT called
101internal error
102internal test error
103function/feature not implemented
104exit by signal
105unreachable code executed
255unexpected termination

Table B-4. Other exit codes

127help or version printed