Chapter 13. JamaicaVM plug-in for Eclipse

Table of Contents
Eclipse integration
Getting Eclipse and the JamaicaVM plug-in
Additional resources

A plug-in is available for the open-source development environment Eclipse which integrates the JamaicaVM tools into a powerful IDE.

Eclipse integration

Virtual machines and class library

Currently the plug-in allows you to use JamaicaVM as a Java runtime environment in Eclipse, enabling you to develop and launch Java real time applcations as easy and convienient as a normal Java programm.

The required virtual machine installations are managed automatically by the plug-in after usable JamaicaVM distributions have been configured.

Limited debugging support is contributed to the IDE, too.

Figure 13-1. A project with JamaicaVM as "Project JRE"

Jamaica Builder and Ant support

An Ant task is available to integrate Jamaica Builder in an Ant build enviroment. A future plug-in will add a new editor to Eclipse. Using this editor, you can create and graphically edit your Jamaica Builder configurations embedded in Ant build scripts. These scripts can be run outside of the IDE and can easily be added to your source control system.

Figure 13-2. Jamaica Ant Editor editing an Ant script