High Integrity Distributed Object-Oriented Realtime Systems
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21 September 2004


AICAS is proud to present the methodology developed within the HIDOORS project in the form of a printed book:
The HIDOORS Methodology
Using Java in Realtime and Embedded Systems. by Dr. James J. Hunt (Editor).

Book cover

106 pages, with illustrations.

Java technology has matured considerably since its inception. Java has become an important implementation technology for Desktop and Internet applications. Improved portability, type safety, and syntax are among its prime advantages. With appropriate tools and technology, these advantages can be brought to realtime and embedded systems as well.

Under the auspices of IST-2001-32329, the HIDOORS project has brought together six European partners to improve the state of realtime programming using Java technology in the form of the JamaicaVM. This project includes not just improving the implementation of Java itself but also the tools needed to apply Java technology to a wide array of embedded realtime applications. The HIDOORS Methodology is a major result of this effort.

The HIDOORS development suite builds on paradigms widely applied in modern software systems: modeling with UML and platform independent, object- oriented programming using Java technology. The major aspects of using Java tech- nology for realtime and embedded systems is covered. Background is given on issues ranging from programming and UML modeling to analysis and test. The entire tool chain is discussed along with the inter- play between individual parts of the system. The theory, rules, and constraints of HIDOORS provide a methodology for realtime and safety-critical programming that provide a guide for this new technology.

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